OOO IC EKO-SINTEZ demonstrates our commitment to fulfill in good faith accepted in the world of claims and liabilities

Legal, ethical and professional standards and other standards. OOO IC EKO-SINTEZ adheres to the principle of rejection of corruption in all its forms and manifestations, in the implementation of both the operating and investment and other activities.

OOO IC EKO-SINTEZ has a Business Ethics Council, which is being a deliberative body of the Company, supports the structural units of the Company in the application of the provisions of the Code of Conduct OOO IC EKO-SINTEZ,

performance of the Company, makes recommendations to the directors and officers of the Company in areas related to business ethics and compliance, monitors the implementation of the requirements of the Code, is involved in the resolution of ethical conflicts.

The Board of the Business Ethics Working Group established compliance, headed by Vice-President for Legal Support of Business. The tasks of the working group is the actualization of the fundamental documents, organization of training events and informing employees about the main compliance risks and measures to prevent them from subsequent control over the compliance of the Company proposed by the Working Group requirements.

In addition, the Company's employees are trained in the field of compliance, operational safety hotline (HLB). Information about HLB published on the corporate website, in the corporate and regional press. In order to support the functioning of the hotline of the Company, the Regulations "Procedure for checking the information on the hot line" that determines the mechanism of reporting cases of corruption. The Company considers all manifestations of corporate fraud unacceptable, regardless of the amount of reparation.

In accordance with the principles of compliance conducted an information campaign on the prevention of corruption and formation of intolerance to manifestations of fraud among the management and employees of the Company. Information about the measures taken to combat corporate fraud and corruption prevention is published in the internal information publications Company.