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OOO IC EKO-SINTEZ was put into operation in 2006, and with rapid development it has become one of the largest refineries in Russia and plays an important role in the petroleum product Siberia and the Far East.

The capacity is 10.2 million tonnes. Desalted crude oil per year. The refinery processes West Siberian crude oil, supplied by pipeline.

Secondary processing capacity of the plant include the catalytic reforming unit, isomerization, diesel hydrotreater, catalytic cracking, coking, bitumen unit.

The composition includes oil production and petrochemical production facilities - methanol, butyl alcohol, amines. The refinery produces more than 200 kinds of products, including liquefied gas, gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, jet fuel, different brands of bitumen, coke and oil, chemical products. OOO IC EKO-SINTEZ supplies 4.6-7.9 million tons. The straight-run gasoline annually as a feedstock for the pyrolysis of the Plant, which produces a wide range of petrochemical products, and is included in the operating structure.

In 2014, at the OOO IC EKO-SINTEZ refinery processed 9.97 million tons. The plant produced 8.76 million tons. Marketable products with a depth of processing 72.41%. Work continues on the implementation of a comprehensive modernization program aimed at meeting the requirements of the Technical Regulations. Under construction complexes sulfuric acid alkylation, hydrotreating catalytic cracking gasoline, diesel hydrotreater. After entering these settings, the entire volume of gasoline produced by the Angarsk Angarsk and diesel fuels will meet the 5th class of the Technical requirements.

At OOO IC EKO-SINTEZ refinery, we see to it that we stay foucsed on our goals such as:

The achievement of high economic and social impact in the long term can only be based on a reasonable balance of interests of shareholders, the government, employees, suppliers and consumers, public institutions and other stakeholders;

The most important condition for economic and social welfare of the country - the formation of joint responsibility of government, business and citizen, based on respect for human rights and freedoms, equality of opportunity, respect for human dignity and supremacy of law; Thanks to a balanced and effective social policy are reduced business risks, strengthens the competitiveness of companies, increases the efficiency of the staff and the loyalty of consumers, the reputation of the business community in general.

Our position in the organization of labor, environmental and industrial safety, as well as to support local communities in the regions of its activity is an integral part of corporate strategy, aimed at creating a whole set of conditions for the sustainable development of the Company in the long term. For coordinating the activities of the Company in the field of sustainable development meets the vice president for human resources and social policy.

At the board level, these issues are the responsibility of the Committee for Personnel and Remuneration Committee. In accordance with the directives of the Government of Russia met the Board of Directors, which approved the procedure for use of voluntary mechanisms of environmental responsibility and the system of reporting on sustainable development of the Company in accordance with international standards.